Big Sky Café Remodel

San Luis Obispo, CA

Lead Architect: Jeff BagueLead Architect Image

After a trip to Paris, we approached the owners of the Big Sky Café to encourage them to add an outdoor dining area to the restaurant. At that time it was uncommon to see outdoor dining in downtown SLO and the owner was hesitant. Four years later, the owner asked for us to complete the design concepts for the outdoor dining addition and three years after that, it was built. Adding more than a 10% increase to the restaurants revenue year-over-year, the outdoor addition wasn’t just practical, but a true aesthetic enhancement. The original building had a low facade with a very small amount of glass that created a glare for passersby. It was our concept to open the entire front of the building to equalize lighting, gain outdoor seating, and create a bright and airy interior. The restaurant is now modern, inviting, and more comfortable for patrons to enjoy.