Perron Residence

San Luis Obispo, CA

Lead Architect: Jeff BagueLead Architect Image

Since it’s first location on the Central Coast, Jeff Bague was the architect for the Juice Club (later known as Jamba Juice) retail food chain. He designed over 20 stores total from San Diego to Palo Alto. When the company’s president, Kirk Perron, asked Jeff to design a home for his mother, Jeff was honored. Kirk started Juice Club as a new college graduate and his mom had loaned him the seed money to start. “This is the least I can do for my mother,” was his mantra throughout the process.

Jeff designed a classic Cape Cod Cottage on a long, challenging lot that ran the top of a bank near Bishop’s Peak in San Luis Obispo, CA. It included two smaller detached cottages for Kirk and his sister when they came to visit, both complete with a full bath and fireplace. The custom home was completely furnished, decorated, and landscaped when Kirk handed his mom the keys.