To ensure the design process at Pegasus Architecture is collaborative and enjoyable, our entire team spends extraordinary effort to understand each clients’ unique vision and what it takes to turn that into reality. 



Salvador Aguilar, with over five years of dedicated service, stands as an invaluable asset within our team as the Job Captain. Possessing a remarkable blend of technical prowess and creative vision, Salvador has consistently elevated our projects to new heights. His proficiency in both drafting and 3D modeling has set a standard within our firm, ensuring that our designs are not only visually stunning but also technically precise.

Beyond his technical skills, Salvador’s intelligence shines through in every aspect of his work. His keen understanding of architectural principles, combined with his innovative approach, has resulted in the successful completion of numerous projects under his leadership. Yet, Salvador’s brilliance is matched only by his kind temperament and patient demeanor. He approaches each task with a calm professionalism, fostering collaboration and nurturing the talents of his colleagues along the way.

In the fast-paced world of architecture, Salvador Aguilar remains a steadfast source of knowledge and guidance. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his unwavering professionalism, inspires those around him to strive for nothing short of perfection. As a Job Captain, Salvador not only shapes the physical landscapes of our projects but also cultivates an environment where creativity thrives and standards are continually raised.



Brian stands out as a valuable member of the Pegasus Architecture team, bringing with him an impressive Bachelor of Architecture degree, with a minor in Sustainable Environments, from Cal Poly and a steadfast dedication to his work. Throughout his two-year tenure, Brian has consistently demonstrated a focused and determined approach, earning recognition for his attention to detail and commitment to excellence. His contributions to our office have been significant and have earned him respect among his peers.

In addition to his role within our office, Brian’s leadership abilities are evident in his position as Vice Chair of the SLO Architectural Review Committee. This position reflects his strong character and his ability to lead with integrity. Brian’s passion for architecture and his commitment to community involvement are apparent, making him a respected figure both within our team and the wider community.

Brian’s talent, dedication, and leadership make him an integral part of the Pegasus team. His unwavering commitment to achieving results and his ability to inspire others contribute greatly to our success. We are fortunate to have Brian on our team, and we anticipate his continued positive impact in the future.



Phyo Myint, an architectural drafter from Burma who pursued his education in Australia, embodies a multifaceted approach to his craft. His expertise is evident not only in his meticulous attention to detail but also in his unwavering commitment to excellence. Phyo’s dedication to continuous improvement is matched only by his infectious enthusiasm for learning, making him a dynamic force in the architectural community.

A true team player, Phyo’s wit and understated charm bring a sense of camaraderie to every project he undertakes. His ability to navigate both professional collaborations and personal interactions with grace and humor earns him respect and admiration from colleagues and clients alike, solidifying his reputation as a skilled and versatile architectural drafter.



Meet Lori Hoke, the driving force behind our office’s success, boasting over 20 years of management experience. Guided by the mantra “One Team, One Dream,” Lori embodies leadership as our Office Manager. Holding a Multimedia degree from ITT Tech, she seamlessly blends technical capability with administrative finesse, enriching our team with her invaluable skill set. Lori’s unwavering commitment to top-tier customer service and her adept problem-solving ensure seamless operations within our office, with no detail left unchecked.

With Lori at the helm, our team is primed to confront challenges head-on and realize our collective aspirations. Her proactive demeanor and steadfast pursuit of excellence establish her as an indispensable leader, propelling us towards success with unparalleled dedication and expertise. In Lori, we find not just a manager, but a visionary catalyst driving our workplace towards greater heights.