Morgan Stanley Building

San Luis Obispo, CA

Our team designed the Morgan Stanley Building in downtown San Luis Obispo, CA, to embody the professional philosophy of the business and it’s financial advisors. It proudly stands as an inviting, appealing, and trustworthy property, with a large space that provides unique services and resources for it’s clients. A true hallmark in our community, the building also provides office space for numerous local businesses and has become a landmark in town.

“In 2002, my business partner and I decided to re-develop a block in downtown San Luis Obispo along Santa Rosa Street, one block west of the County Government Center. We knew our project would be thoroughly scrutinized by the City Architectural Review Committee (ARC) since the area is considered an “entrance” to downtown. Puglisi Design had designed several other commercial structures downtown and we knew his firm had excellent credibility with both the Community Development Director and the ARC. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the process, several members of the Planning Department staff expressed the City’s desire that we build a “traditional brown stucco building with a red tile roof” to pay homage to the Spanish heritage of San Luis Obispo. Thankfully, Puglisi Design had a more creative idea, and the firm was able to convince the City to go with a different vision. The architecture speaks for itself and the building is now an iconic landmark in San Luis Obispo.” - Clifford Branch