Branch Residence

San Luis Obispo, CA

Lead Architect: Steven PuglisiLead Architect Image

he Branch residence is a private home located on Bassi Ranch, designed for Clifford and Lynette Branch. The California Coastal design incorporated stucco, stone, and steel. Soaring volumes and intricate detailing merge the talents of the architect, Steven Puglisi, with the owner’s desire for a timeless design that effortlessly nestles into the landscape.

“The Bassi Ranch development consists of 24 residences located within a 220 acre parcel in Avila Valley, approximately six miles from San Luis Obispo. As the original developer of the project in the mid 1990s, my wife and I desired to have our own residence constructed on one of the parcels. The site we selected in Bassi Ranch had a wonderful view but the designated building envelope was steep and it appeared that there was very little “usable” land. I had previously worked with Mr. Puglisi on commercial projects, and again turned to Mr. Puglisi for our residential design work, as I had long-admired other residences that his firm had created. What impressed me most was that Steve and his staff listened carefully to our personal ideas and came back with a design that surpassed our expectations. Suffice to say, we are very happy campers.” - Cliff Branch